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14K YG Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant


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Approx. 13/16"


Approx. 3/8"


Approx. 1/4"




14 Karat

Metal Type



Diamonds, Tahitian Pearl

Stone Shape

Diamonds: Round

Piece Color


Stone Color

Pearl: Grey
Diamonds: White

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Lustrous Elegance: The 14K Yellow Gold Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant

  • Exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Pendant with Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl
  • Featuring the captivating beauty of a dark Tahitian pearl
  • Adorned with sparkling diamonds for a touch of sophistication
  • Symbolizes luxury and timeless elegance from Accurate Jewelry’s estate collection
  • Backed by a 30-day warranty exchange for peace of mind and assurance

Immerse in the captivating allure of the 14K Yellow Gold Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant, an embodiment of luxury and sophistication. Nestled within Accurate Jewelry’s exclusive estate collection, this pendant boasts the magnetic charm of a Tahitian pearl set amidst the sparkle of delicate diamonds, all framed within the inviting warmth of 14K yellow gold. This pendant is a celebration of refined beauty that promises to enchant with its unique combination of natural wonder and the enduring allure of fine gold.

A symbol of grace and a beacon of style, this pendant is crafted to captivate and inspire awe. It is a perfect merger of nature and artistry, with each diamond meticulously chosen to complement the Tahitian pearl’s natural iridescence. The pendant is not just a piece of jewelry; it is an heirloom in the making, a treasure that elevates the very essence of elegance and charm for those who wear it.

The Mystique of the Tahitian Pearl

Originating from the warm lagoons of French Polynesia, the Tahitian pearl is a gem of the sea, a natural phenomenon known for its enchanting dark hues and unique overtones. It is the centerpiece of this elegant pendant, larger than life and brimming with an enigmatic luster that ranges from deep greens to peacock blues. The Tahitian pearl’s lustrous beauty is a celebration of the ocean’s depth and the rarity of its treasures.

Renowned for its dramatic presence and mesmerizing sheen, the pearl in this pendant from Accurate Jewelry is a chosen gem, reflecting the light and drawing in admiration with every turn. The pendant’s design accentuates the pearl’s organic beauty, allowing it to stand as a focal point, a symbol of the wearer’s sophisticated taste and appreciation for the rare and exquisite.

This Tahitian pearl is more than just an accessory—it is a statement, a show-stopping piece that embodies the allure of the exotic and the allure of the unknown. It’s a representation of the journey, the story behind the gem’s creation, and the art of its unveiling in this stunning pendant.

Brilliance Unleashed: Diamonds in Harmony

Amplifying the Tahitian pearl’s radiance, a constellation of diamonds adorns the 14K yellow gold setting, each stone reflecting light with an unparalleled brilliance. These gems are expertly arranged to draw the eye to the pendant’s core, enhancing the deep colors of the pearl with their clear, sparkling light. The diamonds are not mere embellishments; they are the perfect accompanists to the pearl’s symphony of colors.

Accurate Jewelry presents this pendant with a meticulous selection of diamonds that resonate with the brand’s commitment to luxury and quality. The choice of stones, their cut, and their setting are a testament to the attention to detail that Accurate Jewelry is known for. It is a harmonious blend of precious elements that come together in a pendant designed for those who seek the extraordinary.

The diamonds that embellish this pendant serve as a reminder of the timeless beauty that fine jewelry can encapsulate. They do not just decorate; they captivate, creating a narrative of luxury and elegance that is woven into the very design of this ensemble from Accurate Jewelry’s estate collection.

The Golden Touch: 14K Yellow Gold Opulence

Supporting the visual feast of the Tahitian pearl and sparkling diamonds is the pendant’s 14K yellow gold setting. It’s a choice that exudes warmth and richness, providing a luscious backdrop that elevates the gemstone and diamonds to new heights of allure. The gold is a nod to classic beauty, a metal chosen for its ability to transcend the ages and remain a staple of luxury and opulence.

In this piece from Accurate Jewelry, the yellow gold is not merely a material; it is a character in the story of the pendant, a character that brings depth, stability, and a touch of traditional splendor. It is the golden thread that ties the pendant’s elements together, crafting a tale of elegance that is both personal and universal.

The pendant’s design is a celebration of how the timeless can meet the contemporary in a dance of gold and gemstones. Accurate Jewelry offers this pendant as a piece that can remarkably stand alone or be layered with other fine jewelry, adapting to the wearer’s unique style and occasions.

Estate Jewelry: A Narrative of Elegance

Each piece of estate jewelry carries with it a legacy, and the 14K Yellow Gold Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant from Accurate Jewelry is no exception. It is a tangible connection to history, to a lineage of fine jewelry that has adorned the necks of those with a discerning eye and a taste for the extraordinary. This pendant, with its blend of nature’s art and human craftsmanship, is a modern heirloom, ready to continue its journey with a new story to tell.

The estate jewelry collection at Accurate Jewelry is selected with an eye for pieces that tell a story of timeless beauty and exceptional taste. This pendant stands as a testament to that vision, a true embodiment of what it means for a piece of jewelry to be both historical and current, both storied and ready to be worn anew.

Inheriting this pendant is to inherit a piece of art that will continue to captivate and inspire, a piece that holds within it the essence of the past and the promise of the future—a treasured addition to any personal jewelry narrative.

Coveted Beauty, Ensured: Accurate Jewelry’s Pledge

The unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is the foundation on which Accurate Jewelry stands. The 14K Yellow Gold Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant is a testament to this promise, a piece enveloped in the assurance of a 30-day warranty exchange policy. It is a pledge of confidence in the quality of our carefully curated estate jewelry—a safeguard for your timeless investment.

With the knowledge that each piece is backed by such assurance, the wearer of this pendant can adorn themselves with confidence and pride. Should the need arise, Accurate Jewelry upholds a seamless exchange process, allowing you to choose another treasure from our online store with the credit received, reinforcing the trust in your selection of this magnificent piece.

This Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant is not just an exquisite adornment; it is a piece brimming with Accurate Jewelry’s dedication to providing jewelry that is not only enchanting but is also supported with an undeniable promise of beauty and reliability.

Understated Grandeur: An Icon of Refined Taste

The 14K Yellow Gold Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant stands as an icon of elegance and an exemplar of refined taste, offered with pride by Accurate Jewelry. It is a piece that adorns with an understated grandeur, a pendant that resonates with both the heritage of estate jewelry and the pulse of contemporary sophistication. This pendant is a tribute to the allure of fine jewelry, a silent promise of luxury, and an everlasting testament to Accurate Jewelry’s commitment to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I maintain the luster of my Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant?
For maintaining the beauty of your pendant, gently wipe the pearl with a soft cloth after each wear and store it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches. The diamonds and gold can be kept sparkling with a careful cleansing with a mild solution of soap and water.
What is the exchange policy for this jewelry piece?
Accurate Jewelry offers a 30-day warranty exchange policy. If your pendant requires an exchange, return the item to us within the 30 days of purchase. Once we receive the returned item, you will be issued store credit for Accurate Jewelry’s online store.
Is the 14K Gold Diamonds & Tahitian Pearl Pendant suitable for daily wear?
While designed with an elegant profile, this pendant is also suited for everyday wear, allowing you to infuse every day with a touch of sophistication and luxury.


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