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14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Pendant


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Approx. 0.58"


Approx. 0.30"




14 Karat

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Diamond, Sapphire

Stone Shape

Oval, Round

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Stone Color

Clear, Green

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Captivating Allure: 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Pendant

  • Luxurious 14 Karat Yellow Gold Framework
  • Dazzling Diamonds Complementing a Deep Blue Sapphire
  • Symbol of Elegance and Timeless Design
  • Esteemed Addition to Accurate Jewelry’s Estate Collection
  • Comprehensive 30-Day Warranty Exchange

This 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Pendant is the embodiment of enchanting beauty, designed to be a centerpiece that commands attention and adoration. With its magnificent sapphire cradled by an aureate embrace, this pendant is not simply an accessory—it is a statement, a glorious display of opulence and artistry. The intricacy of the design, paired with the sheer brilliance of the diamonds, creates a mesmerizing effect that is both royal and radiant.

Each piece in Accurate Jewelry’s collection tells a story, and this pendant is no exception, bringing with it an illustrious past as part of our exclusive estate jewelry range. Draped elegantly around your neck, this pendant will not just lie against your skin—it will merge with your persona, enhancing your every move with its profound beauty and grandeur.

The Warmth of Yellow Gold: A Precious Embrace

Gold has long been coveted for its luster and luxury, and the warmth of 14 Karat Yellow Gold used in this pendant adds an incomparable richness to its appearance. The gold is expertly crafted, its polished surface providing a radiant backdrop for the sapphire and diamonds. It arcs around the precious stones with the tenderness of a lover’s embrace, holding them in a dance of elegance and strength.

When you choose this pendant, set in 14 Karat Yellow Gold, you are not just choosing a piece of jewelry—you are choosing a legacy. Gold’s enduring value reflects your own standards of timelessness and grace. Accurate Jewelry, with meticulous choice and care, ensures that this gold is nothing short of perfection, a gold that gleams with the promise of everlasting allure.

This pendant is not merely worn; it graces your presence, its golden hues a whisper of ancient treasures and contemporary chic. It is a testament to your taste, a celebration of opulence, and a mark of prestige that illuminates your natural elegance.

Sapphire: The Gemstone of Majesty

At the heart of this pendant is a deep blue sapphire, a gemstone revered throughout history for its majestic hues and regal presence. The sapphire’s rich blue is reminiscent of the deepest oceans and the vastness of the night sky, a color that stirs the soul and captivates the mind. It is said that sapphires symbolize wisdom and virtue, and this stone is a stunning representation of both.

Encased within the protective hold of 14 Karat Yellow Gold, the sapphire’s depth is further enhanced—its vivid blue a striking contrast against the warm golden tones. The stone itself is cut to maximize its inherent luster, its facets impeccably angled to reflect light in a cascade of azure brilliance.

Selecting this sapphire pendant from Accurate Jewelry means choosing a piece that is more than simply beautiful—it is historically rich and intrinsically valuable. It is a beacon of luxury, a centerpiece that tells of royal lineages and tales of old, now ready to be a part of your own modern saga.

Accentuated with Diamonds: A Harmony in Contrast

What better to accentuate the splendor of a sapphire than the timeless dazzle of diamonds? This pendant features diamonds that offer a glorious counterpoint to the color of the sapphire, their clear sparkle providing a stunning visual balance. The diamonds are meticulously selected for their clarity and brilliance, each one harmonizing with the sapphire to create a spectacle of light and color.

The craftsmanship on display in the setting of these diamonds speaks to the skills of the artisans. The placement is strategic, calculated to draw the eye in and then dazzle it with an array of sparkling lights. Accurate Jewelry presents this pendant as a masterpiece of design—where the sapphire sings and the diamonds provide the chorus to its solo.

Each diamond in this pendant is a note in a melody of magnificence, a melody that plays out across ballrooms and boardrooms alike. It is a pendant designed not just to be seen, but to be remarked upon—a conversation starter, an heirloom in the making.

Estate Collection: A Piece with a Past

The 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Pendant is a treasure within Accurate Jewelry’s estate collection, carrying with it a narrative of luxury and elegance from a bygone era. Each piece in our estate collection has been hand-selected for its history and its beauty, and this pendant is no exception.

To wear this pendant is to wear a piece of history, to drape oneself in a story that has been unfolding for years. It is a chance to add your chapter to its journey, to become a part of its illustrious past and its bright future.

Accurate Jewelry offers this pendant as an intersection of past and present, an opportunity to own a piece that is as valuable as it is distinct. The estate status is a mark of its journey through time, and now, it is ready to continue that journey with you, adding to the tapestry of your life’s most precious moments.

Certified Elegance: Your Assurance from Accurate Jewelry

The rare beauty and timeless design of this diamond sapphire pendant are matched only by the confidence and assurance that comes with choosing Accurate Jewelry. We offer a 30-day warranty exchange on this exquisite piece, a promise that underscores our commitment to excellence and to your complete satisfaction.

Should the pendant fall short of your expectations within this period, we offer store credit so that you can choose another piece that suits your desires. Our warranty exchange is a seal of trust, a guarantee that we stand by the quality of our estate jewelry pieces.

Accurate Jewelry is not just a store—it’s a destination for those who understand fine jewelry, and this pendant is a celebration of our dedication to bringing you pieces that are nothing less than extraordinary.

Epilogue of Splendor: The Diamond Sapphire Pendant Journey

The story of the 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Pendant is one of opulence and heritage. It is a narrative woven through time, enriched by the hands it has passed through, and now ready to be embraced by you. Accurate Jewelry invites you to be the custodian of this magnificent pendant, to let it grace your neck and illuminate your days with its storied beauty. It’s a testament to your unique style, a symbol of the life you lead, and a beacon of splendor that will shine bright for generations to come.


How should I care for my 14 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Pendant?
To preserve the luster and beauty of your pendant, gently clean it with a soft cloth and store it securely. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals. Professional jewelry cleaning is recommended for an occasional thorough care.
What does Accurate Jewelry’s warranty exchange cover?
Our warranty exchange covers any issues you might face with the pendant within 30 days of purchase. You have the option to exchange it for store credit, which can be used on our online store for any item you choose.
Can I return the pendant if it doesn’t meet my expectations?
While returns are not possible, our exchange policy allows you to select an alternative piece from our extensive collection within 30 days, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.

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