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14K Yellow Gold Flat C-Link Chain 17.5″


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Approx. 17.5"


Approx. 1.5 mm




14 Karat

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Gilded Sophistication: 14K Yellow Gold Flat C-Link Chain 17.5″

  • Exquisite 14K Yellow Gold Composition
  • Seamless Flat C-Link Design for Modern Appeal
  • Ideal 17.5″ Length for Graceful Neckline Accentuation
  • Curated from Accurate Jewelry’s Renowned Estate Collection
  • Protected with a Solid 30-Day Warranty Exchange

Add a touch of gilded sophistication to your ensemble with the 14K Yellow Gold Flat C-Link Chain. At an ideal 17.5-inch length, this chain boasts a contemporary flat link design, marrying the timeless shine of yellow gold with a modern silhouette. It’s an impeccable choice for those who appreciate the fusion of classic elegance and cutting-edge style in their jewelry.

Accurate Jewelry has carefully selected this gold chain from its respected estate collection, ensuring that each link reflects our commitment to beauty, durability, and meticulous craftsmanship. This piece is not just an accessory; it’s a statement—a statement of style, luxury, and discerning taste.

Luminescent Elegance in 14K Gold

The 14K Yellow Gold used in this Flat C-Link Chain is esteemed for its radiant luster and enduring quality. The gold is polished to a mirror-like finish, ensuring that the chain catches and reflects light for a sparkling effect. Each link is a testament to Accurate Jewelry’s dedication to exquisite materials and high-quality standards.

Chosen for its rich color and malleability, 14K gold is the ideal medium for crafting a chain that balances strength and beauty. The flat C-link design offers a sleek profile and a comfortable weight, providing a luxurious feel and a secure drape around the neck.

Elevate any attire with this gold chain—a luminescent piece that exudes elegance and grandeur indicative of Accurate Jewelry’s fine selections.

Refinement in Detail: The Flat C-Link Design

The Flat C-Link design of this gold chain is a work of art, showcasing Accurate Jewelry’s innovative approach to jewelry making. Each meticulously engineered link fits seamlessly with the next, creating a uniform and smooth appearance that is both intricate and delicate.

This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the chain but also ensures comfort and fluidity in wear. It’s a versatile piece that can adorn any outfit, adding a layer of refinement and intricacy—a testament to the wearer’s sophisticated sense of style.

The 17.5-inch chain length is thoughtfully selected to rest beautifully against the skin, making it an outstanding piece for all occasions. The Flat C-Link Chain serves as a hallmark of refined design and exceptional artistry—a hallmark Accurate Jewelry proudly stands behind.

A Heritage of Distinction

As part of Accurate Jewelry’s esteemed estate collection, this 14K Yellow Gold Chain is imbued with a heritage of distinction and grace. The estate collection features jewelry of noteworthy provenance and singular beauty, pieces that encapsulate the elegance of bygone eras and the allure of modern sophistication.

The Flat C-Link Chain is selected for its iconic design and the story it embodies. It is a celebration of history’s cherished creations and the continuity of exceptional craftsmanship—a continuity that is at the core of Accurate Jewelry’s mission.

Embrace this chain as a treasured addition to your collection, a piece that honors the legacy of the past while perfectly complementing the present.

Embracing Your Confidence with Quality

When you choose the 14K Yellow Gold Flat C-Link Chain, you embrace an assurance of quality that Accurate Jewelry wholeheartedly provides. Our 30-day warranty exchange is a testament to our belief in the enduring value of our estate collection and our commitment to your contentment.

This warranty exchange policy secures your sense of satisfaction, offering you store credit for an exchange should you wish to select another piece within our online store. The Flat C-Link Chain is an embodiment of our assurance—a golden guarantee of quality, style, and Accurate Jewelry’s standard of excellence.

Revel in the confidence that comes with owning this chain, a symbol of your taste for the finest in jewelry and an expression of our shared dedication to luxury.

Chain of Radiance: The Story of the 14K Gold Flat C-Link Chain

The 14K Yellow Gold Flat C-Link Chain 17.5″ is not merely a chain of precious metal; it is a chain of radiance, a story woven in gold links that shimmer with every movement. Adopt this exquisite piece into your narrative and let it be a radiant emblem of your elegance. Accurate Jewelry invites you to bask in the glow of this chain, a sumptuous gift from our estate collection to you, a connoisseur of timeless luxury.


How do I best maintain my 14K Gold Chain?
To keep your chain in pristine condition, clean it gently with a soft cloth and mild soap solution, rinse thoroughly, and dry. Store your chain laid out flat or hung to prevent kinks and preserve its lustrous appeal.
What is covered by Accurate Jewelry’s 30-day warranty exchange?
Our 30-day warranty exchange covers any issues you may experience with your chain, providing you with store credit to select from our vast online collection, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction with your Accurate Jewelry purchase.
Can I return the chain if it doesn’t fit my preferences?
While we do not offer returns, we do provide the opportunity to exchange your chain for another selection from our online store within 30 days, as long as the original piece is returned in its undamaged condition.

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