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14K YG & WG Crucifix Pendant


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Length With Bail

Approx. 1 13/16"

Length Without Bail

Approx. 1 1/2"


Approx. 1"




14 Karat

Metal Type


Piece Color

White, Yellow

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Where Timeless Elegance Meets Spiritual Symbolism

  • Stunning 14K Yellow and White Gold Crucifix Pendant
  • Exemplary craftsmanship from our esteemed estate jewelry collection
  • Elegant and symbolic design that transcends time
  • Two-tone precious metal composition for a versatile fashion statement
  • Backed by Accurate Jewelry’s 30-day warranty exchange policy

Diving into the vault of time-honored treasures, this 14K Yellow and White Gold Crucifix Pendant stands as a beacon of tradition and sophistication. Marrying the illustrious warmth of yellow gold with the pristine radiance of white gold, the pendant weaves a narrative of elegance and faith. Every dimension of its design is steeped in the aura of luxury that is inherent to classic fine jewelry. As part of Accurate Jewelry’s celebrated estate collection, this pendant isn’t just an accessory; it’s a piece of history redefined for the modern connoisseur.

Amidst the pantheon of precious adornments, the Crucifix Pendant offers a rare blend of devotion and design. Its two-tone composition catches the light at every turn, highlighting the meticulous care that went into its creation. This pendant doesn’t just lay claim to beauty; it is an embodiment of the art of jewelry, a testament to the unspoken allure that has captivated hearts and ignited passions through the ages.

The Harmonious Blend of Two Golds

Imagine the merging of two worlds—the classical allure of 14K yellow gold and the contemporary sheen of white gold—both united in this sumptuous Crucifix Pendant. The interplay of the two types of gold not only heightens the aesthetic of the piece but also allows for a seamless integration into any jewelry collection. Each glance towards this pendant reveals a new facet, a new shimmer, as it reflects the myriad aspects of its wearer’s personality.

An emblem of Accurate Jewelry’s commitment to timeless elegance, the 14K Gold Crucifix Pendant is a masterpiece that resonates with those who seek both meaning and style in their adornments. The harmonious blend translates to a pendant that is as versatile as it is striking, capable of complementing an array of ensembles across different styles and color palettes. Therein lies the magic—a pendant that is ever-evolving, yet forever rooted in the traditions of fine jewelry making.

As a purveyor of estate jewelry, Accurate Jewelry understands the value of pieces that rise above the ephemeral nature of trends. This pendant, with its dual tones of gold, endures as a staple of sophistication, a centerpiece around which a lifetime of styles can revolve—a true testament to the transcendent power of expertly crafted gold.

The Enduring Iconography of the Crucifix

More than just a symbol, the Crucifix is an icon—a powerful and evocative representation that has held a place of reverence in history, art, and fashion. Cast in precious metal, the Crucifix Pendant from Accurate Jewelry brings forth this emblematic iconography with a finesse that captures both spirit and splendor. Each line and curve of the figure on the cross is rendered with precision and clarity, a silent homage to the symbolic significance it bears.

Courtesy of its estate jewelry heritage, this pendant carries a depth of narrative in its very essence. It is a piece that tells a story, one of faith, fortitude, and the unyielding beauty that emerges from centuries of inspiration and aspiration. Wearing this pendant means embracing a legacy, one that is as personal as it is universal, as contemporary as it is ageless.

The Crucifix Pendant is more than an ornament; it is a conversation with the past and a dialogue with the present. It is a declaration of identity for those who wear it, a melding of personal expression and perennial design. In the realm of fine jewelry, it is a stalwart, a touchstone that remains as relevant and resonant today as it was when it first graced the necks of the discerning.

Masterful Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Behind the eternal allure of the 14K Gold Crucifix Pendant lies a story of artistry—a narrative where every detail is a chapter penned by masterful hands. Each aspect of the pendant, from the delicate contours of the crucifix to the seamless blending of the golds, reflects a commitment to quality that is the cornerstone of Accurate Jewelry’s collection. It is a piece forged with reverence for the craft, a dedication to the meticulous processes that yield jewelry of remarkable character.

In this pendant, the past and present converge through the expertise of the artisans who have shaped it. It is a testament to their skill that the pendant manages to capture a sense of history while maintaining a finish that is thoroughly modern. The care taken in its crafting ensures that it will maintain its luster and structural integrity, allowing it to be a token of beauty and sentiment for years to come.

Choosing this Crucifix Pendant from Accurate Jewelry is a pledge to the unwavering standards of estate jewelry. It is a recognition that true beauty lies in the details—details that are honed through time and talent, culminating in a pendant that is not only a joy to behold but a pleasure to own.

An Emblem of Personal Journey and Style

To wear this Crucifix Pendant is not only to make a statement of faith but also to announce a style that is deeply personal and evocative. It is a journey through aesthetic realms, a treasure that reflects the chapters of one’s life with grace and poignancy. Each day brings with it an opportunity to showcase the pendant in a new light, against the canvas of a world that is constantly changing—yet the pendant remains, steadfast in its allure and significance.

This pendant is a companion through the milestones of life—a witness to joy, sorrow, triumph, and reflection. It is a reflection of the inner self, a mirror of the soul’s journey expressed through the medium of fine jewelry. As part of the estate collection at Accurate Jewelry, the Crucifix Pendant is an offering that goes beyond the moment, embracing an eternity of meaning and elegance.

The personal narrative that this pendant embodies is matched only by its versatility. It is a piece that knows no boundaries, transcending fashion and time, to emerge as a statement of individuality and taste—a pendant that invites its wearer to redefine elegance on their terms.

A Testament to Unyielding Quality

The assurance of quality is a pledge that Accurate Jewelry makes with every piece it presents, and the 14K Gold Crucifix Pendant is a shining exemplar of this promise. Through its estate jewelry lineage, the pendant is a narrative of enduring artisanship—a collection of moments immortalized in gold. The echoes of the past meet the visions of the future, bound together by the unwavering commitment to delivering jewelry that speaks to the heart and captivates the eye.

This commitment is backed by an unparalleled 30-day warranty exchange policy. Should time reveal any need for exchange, Accurate Jewelry ensures a process that is as seamless as the pendant itself. We invite you to return the item within the specified period, and upon its receipt, you will be granted store credit that can be used to continue your quest for beauty within our online collection.

The Crucifix Pendant is more than an emblem; it is a bridge across time—a piece that carries within it the potential for an endless future. It is a symbol of Accurate Jewelry’s dedication to quality, to service, and to the timeless beauty that fine jewelry represents.

A Narrative of Grace and Beauty

In the heart of the 14K Yellow and White Gold Crucifix Pendant lies a story woven with grace, a narrative cast in precious metal and illuminated by the dedication of Accurate Jewelry. Its presence is a quiet assertion of elegance and meaning, a culmination of artistry and tradition that whispers of its bearer’s taste for the exceptional. Embrace this testament to fine jewelry, secure in the knowledge that beyond its radiant exterior lies the promise of Accurate Jewelry’s quality and service, a beacon of sophistication for the discerning individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure the longevity of my 14K Gold Crucifix Pendant?
To preserve the beauty of your pendant, store it separately in a soft-lined jewelry box, clean it with a soft cloth, and avoid contact with harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.
What should I do if I need to exchange my pendant?
Accurate Jewelry’s 30-day warranty exchange policy is straightforward. If there’s a need for an exchange, simply return the item to us within the 30-day period from the original purchase date, and upon receipt, we’ll issue you store credit to use on our online store.
Can this pendant be paired with different chains?
Yes, the versatility of the pendant’s two-tone gold allows it to be paired elegantly with a variety of chains, whether they be yellow gold, white gold, or even other metals. This makes it an adaptable piece suitable for various styles and preferences.


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