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14 Karat Yellow Gold Cylindric Chain 17″


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Approx. 17"


Approx. 2.5 mm




14 Karat

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Gilded Elegance: 14 Karat Yellow Gold Cylindric Chain 17″

  • Premium 14 Karat Yellow Gold Composition
  • Unique Cylindric Links for a Distinctive Style
  • Perfect Length at 17 Inches for Versatile Wear
  • Graceful Addition to Any Jewelry Collection
  • Includes Accurate Jewelry’s 30-Day Warranty Exchange

The 14 Karat Yellow Gold Cylindric Chain measuring 17 inches is an exquisite testament to the allure that high-quality jewelry possesses. It is a piece that speaks of sophistication, carries the weight of tradition, and exudes a modern charm that is both subtle and undeniable. The unique cylindric links catch the light in a gentle play of shine and shadow, making this chain a true statement of style.

As a cherished item in Accurate Jewelry’s estate collection, this gilded treasure holds its own as a central piece or as an accompaniment to a prized pendant. This gold chain is versatile, elegant, and ready to complement your favorite wardrobe selections with an added touch of luxury.

The Time-Honored Craft of Goldsmithing

The art of creating exquisite gold pieces has been perfected over millennia, and this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Chain is a shining example of that ancient tradition. The goldsmithing craft imbues this piece with a classic durability and a rich, vibrant luster that only high-quality gold can provide. Each link is meticulously shaped and polished, promising an opulent glow that only improves with wear.

In this cylindric chain, the 14 Karat gold offers the ideal balance of strength and purity. This alloy ensures that the chain retains its delicate appearance while also being robust enough for daily wear. The goldsmith’s skill is apparent in the intricate design and seamless construction that make this chain a masterpiece of jewelry design.

Worn alone or adorned with a pendant, the cylindric chain is a nod to the storied legacy of goldsmithing, a craft that Accurate Jewelry honors with each piece in our esteemed collection. It is a legacy that you now carry as you drape this golden tapestry around your neck—a legacy of beauty and expertise.

A Chain of Unparalleled Sophistication

The distinctive style of this chain comes from its unique cylindric links—a design choice that sets it apart from the conventional. These links create a visual rhythm, an ebb and flow of reflective gold that plays with the light. It’s a design that is both contemporary and timeless, a pattern that captivates and enchants.

Accurate Jewelry presents this chain as a piece for the discerning individual, for the wearer who seeks something beyond the ordinary. In every gathering and in every moment, this chain promises to be a conversation starter, a luxurious detail that defines your signature style.

This cylindric chain in 14 Karat Yellow Gold isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s an expression of persona, a reflection of the poise and grace that you bring to every room. It’s sophistication personified, a chain that promises to be as versatile as it is striking.

The Perfect Length: Graceful and Versatile

Measuring 17 inches, this gold chain rests at just the right length to offer versatility and comfort. It falls gracefully at the collarbone, offering a classic silhouette that works beautifully with a variety of necklines and outfits. This mid-length style is ideal for layering or for making a statement on its own.

Accurate Jewelry understands the importance of a chain that complements your unique body shape and personal style. The 17-inch chain is thoughtfully designed to ensure it enhances rather than overwhelms, providing an elegant accessory that is as adaptable as it is stunning.

Whether it’s paired with a casual blouse or an evening dress, this chain’s length makes it a perfect fit for any occasion. It’s an essential piece for those who appreciate the impact of a perfectly chosen accessory—one that aligns with your contours and your fashion sensibilities.

Estate Elegance: A Story in Every Link

As part of Accurate Jewelry’s carefully curated estate collection, this chain comes with a rich backstory and a depth only vintage pieces can offer. It has graced necklines and accented outfits, each link holding the memory of celebrations and intimate moments. Now, this chain is ready to become a part of your story.

Choosing this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Chain means embracing a piece that carries within it the touch of history. It is an opportunity to own something truly special, a piece that melds past elegance with present-day style.

Accurate Jewelry takes pride in the heritage of our estate collection, offering pieces like this chain that have been selected for their unique beauty and enduring appeal. It’s an opportunity to weave your narrative into the storied life of this chain—an opportunity to make history with every wear.

Accurate Jewelry’s Seal of Excellence

In choosing this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Cylindric Chain, you also choose the Accurate Jewelry promise—a promise that is encapsulated in our comprehensive 30-day warranty exchange. Our commitment to your satisfaction is as solid as the gold we offer, and this chain comes with the assurance of quality you expect from a trusted fine jewelry retailer.

Should this chain not meet your expectations, we offer a warranty exchange that allows you to find the perfect piece for your collection. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your Accurate Jewelry experience is as flawless as the gold we craft.

It’s more than a policy—it’s our pledge to you, an embodiment of our passion for fine jewelry and our dedication to the buyers who seek the extraordinary. With this chain, let Accurate Jewelry be your guide to a world of unparalleled luxury and style.

Enchantment Encircled: The Journey of a Gold Cylindric Chain

The 14 Karat Yellow Gold Cylindric Chain is not simply an accessory; it is a journey of enchantment, a path lined with the luster of gold and the sparkle of a storied past. As you clasp it around your neck, it becomes more than an ornament—it becomes a part of you, a reflection of your distinctive taste and a symbol of the elegance you embody. Accurate Jewelry is honored to offer this piece, a luxurious testament to the art of fine jewelry and the essence of timeless sophistication.


How should I maintain the shine of my 14 Karat Yellow Gold Chain?
For regular care, gently wipe your chain with a soft, lint-free cloth to maintain its shine. Keep the chain stored in a secure jewelry box when not in use, and seek professional cleaning services when necessary.
What does Accurate Jewelry’s 30-day warranty exchange entail?
If your chain encounters any issues within 30 days of purchase, you’re entitled to an exchange for store credit at AccurateJewelry.com, ensuring your total satisfaction with your estate jewelry selection.
Can I return my gold chain if it’s not quite what I was looking for?
While returns are not possible, our exchange policy allows you to select another item that meets your needs, as long as the exchange is made within 30 days of the original purchase.

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