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14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings


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Metal Type



14 Karat

Piece Color





Amethyst, Diamonds

Stone Shape

Round, Trillion

Stone Color

Purple, White

Product Type



Approx. 3/4"


Approx. 1/4"

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Dazzle with the Sophistication of 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings

  • Exquisite 14 Karat White Gold Earrings Embellished with Amethyst and Diamond
  • Timeless Elegance and Superior Craftsmanship with Every Piece
  • Perfect Accessory for Every Occasion
  • Accurate Jewelry.com’s Promised Authenticity and Quality
  • 30-Day Exchange Warranty

Descending from a lineage of elegance, the 14 Karat White Gold earrings with Amethyst and Diamond are not just a piece of jewelry but a statement of timeless beauty. Brought to fine jewelry aficionados by Accurate Jewelry, a name trusted for top-notch quality and authenticity, these earrings magnify the allure of every wearer and add a sparkling touch to complete the perfect ensemble.

The allure of these 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings lies not only in their striking beauty but also in the sophisticated craftsmanship they embody. Our preowned, estate jewelry brings together the enduring allure of gold, the vibrant allure of amethyst, and the sparkling sophistication of diamonds – creating a symphony of elegance that speaks volumes about the wearer’s taste for fine jewelry.

Embrace the Timeless Sophistication of White Gold

In an era where trends come and go, white gold firmly holds its ground as the epitome of timeless elegance. The 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings bring forth this very elegance to your ensemble. The blush of white gold whispers the language of sophistication while making a bold statement with its purity. Its gleam mirrors the glow in you, outshining the ordinary.

The use of white gold in these earrings does more than just add to its aesthetic allure. The strength and durability of white gold serve as the perfect foundation, offering a reliable setting for the precious amethyst and diamonds. It holds the stones firmly, allowing their beauty to shine through without worry of them coming loose or being damaged.

Accurate Jewelry recognizes the charisma of white gold and its ability to blend perfectly with every attire. Whether you’re wearing these earrings to a formal event or a casual day out, white gold’s versatility promises to complement every style and color palette.

Infuse Your Style with the Glamour of Amethyst and Diamond

The real magic of the 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings lies in the stunning fusion of amethyst and diamond. The royal purple of the amethyst instantly draws attention, captivating with its natural beauty. The diamonds, on the other hand, add a layer of brilliance, further enhancing the earrings’ overall attractiveness.

Amethyst, a symbol of royalty, adds an exotic touch to these earrings. Each stone possesses unique shade variations – a testament to its natural origin. The surrounding diamonds serve to highlight the amethysts, their dazzling light adding a striking contrast to the deep, royal shade of the gemstones.

But beyond their visual allure, the fusion of amethyst and diamond also lends a remarkable versatility to these earrings. They can be paired with a variety of outfits and other jewelry pieces, making them a must-have in any fine jewelry collection curated by Accurate Jewelry.com.

Crafted with Superior Skill and Precision

Every product at Accurate Jewelry is a testimony to our unwavering commitment to quality and superior craftsmanship. The 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings are no exception. Their impeccable detailing and precise gemstone settings give them an undeniable edge of sophistication and durability.

The diamonds are meticulously chosen and set, ensuring they match the amethyst gemstones flawlessly. Every inch of the earrings showcases the precision and skill that went into their creation, promising to stand the test of time and remain as enchanting as the day you first put them on.

Unless you experience them first-hand, words barely do justice to the intricate craftsmanship that brings together the amethyst, diamond, and white gold. Not only are these earrings a testament to the finesse that Accurate Jewelry stands for, but they also promise to be a cherished part of your collection for years to come.

Your Assurance with Accurate Jewelry’s 30-Day Exchange Policy

Shopping for fine jewelry online can sometimes be daunting, but at Accurate Jewelry, we strive to make it as worry-free as possible. With our 30-Day exchange policy, we assure you of complete peace of mind while purchasing our products. If any issue arises with your 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings within 30 days of the original purchase date, you are entitled to an exchange exclusively on our online store, following the return of the original product.

We believe in complete transparency and want you to be confident of your purchase. Hence, our exchange policy is crafted to offer you maximum benefit and a hassle-free shopping experience. While we do not offer returns, we believe our exchange policy will ensure you remain satisfied with your purchase from Accurate Jewelry.

So, when you choose to buy from us, you’re not just buying a product, but also our promise of quality, durability, and trust!

Enduring Elegance: The Lasting Charm of 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings

When you choose the 14 Karat White Gold Amethyst Diamond Earrings from Accurate Jewelry, you’re not just choosing an accessory – you’re choosing a piece of timeless elegance. Radiating the lasting charm of white gold, the vibrant allure of amethyst, and the shimmering brilliance of diamonds, these earrings pledge to be a memorable addition to your collection.

Hand-in-hand with the superior craftsmanship and our enduring commitment to quality, this pair of earrings encapsulates what Accurate Jewelry stands for: authentic, reliable, and exquisite fine jewelry. And with our 30-day exchange policy, we are here to ensure you have a delightful, worry-free shopping experience.


Q1: Are these earrings new or pre-owned?
A1: These earrings are part of our estate jewelry collection. This means they are pre-owned and have been selected for their excellent condition and quality.

Q2: What if there is an issue with my earrings?
A2: We have a 30-day exchange warranty. In case of any issues, you can return the product within 30 days of the original purchase date. An exchange will be made via store credit which can be used at our online store.

Q3: Does Accurate Jewelry offer any additional services like engraving or cleaning?
A3: Currently, we do not provide additional services such as engraving or jewelry cleaning.

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