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14 Karat Yellow and White Gold Crucifix Pendant


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14 Karat

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White, Yellow

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Child, Mens, Womens

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Unearth the Ethereal Charm of a 14 Karat Yellow and White Gold Crucifix Pendant

  • Estate jewelry piece, preowned with an irreplaceable charm
  • Crafted from premium 14 Karat Yellow and White Gold
  • Crucifix pendant design, a timeless symbol of faith and style
  • Perfect for any occasion or as a thoughtful gift
  • Backed by a 30-day exchange warranty from AccurateJewelry.com

Celebrate the blend of faith, fashion, and heritage with this meticulously crafted crucifix pendant. This timeless piece, hailing from the prestigious collection of Accurate Jewelry, is more than just an accessory. It’s a statement of grace, elegance, and devotion. Made from 14 Karat Yellow and White Gold, the pendant distinctly stands out, bringing a charm that is as resilient as your faith.

As an estate jewelry piece, it holds a unique character, like a story waiting to be unfolded. Cherished and passed down through time, this pendant becomes more than just an item of adornment – it’s a piece of history, a legacy to carry forward. Its radiant glimmer is not just a reflection of the precious golden metal, but also of the timeless style it embodies.

14 Karat Gold – A Testament to Unwavering Quality

The 14 Karat Yellow and White Gold composition of this crucifix pendant is a testament to the superior quality that Accurate Jewelry values. The rich, yellow gold forms the foundation of the pendant, while the white gold accents add a layer of sophisticated contrast. This harmonious blend of colors ensures the pendant complements any outfit, from casual wear to the most formal attire.

Furthermore, the strength and durability of 14 karat gold ensure the pendant withstands the rigors of daily wear, retaining its captivating charm for years to come. So, whether you’re attending a grand occasion or simply going about your daily routine, this pendant serves as a constant companion, radiating elegance with each wear.

And unlike purely ornamental jewelry, the value of 14 karat gold means this magnificent pendant isn’t just a fashion statement but can also be viewed as a long-term investment. And knowing that it’s from Accuratejewelry.com, the nation’s most trusted fine jewelry store, you can rest assured of its authenticity and quality.

Crucifix Pendant – An Enduring Symbol

Across ages and cultures, the crucifix has remained an enduring symbol of faith, hope, and devotion. It’s a emblem that transcends mere aesthetics, resonating with profound spiritual and emotional significance for the wearer. This crucifix pendant, cast in a blend of yellow and white gold, encapsulates this timeless symbol in a piece of jewelry that can be worn close to the heart.

Each detail is crafted with precision to highlight the profound symbolism of the crucifix, making it an ideal piece for those who wish to wear their faith with pride and style. Plus, its versatile design ensures it looks equally stunning when worn alone as it does when paired with other cherished pieces.

Whether as a personal keepsake or a thoughtfully chosen gift, this pendant serves as a meaningful reminder of faith and devotion, adding elegance to the wearer, and a touch of divine grace to any jewelry collection.

Estate Jewelry – A Touch of Timeless Elegance

As a piece of estate jewelry, this crucifix pendant has a charm all its own. These preowned pieces are steeped in history, and each one carries with it a unique, irreplaceable aura. Unlike new, mass-produced pieces, estate jewelry holds an air of exclusivity, making every piece a unique find.

This pendant isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s a piece of history that has been lovingly preserved. Wearing it allows you to share in its story, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to your own personal style. The allure of estate jewelry lies in its ability to stand out in a crowd, and this pendant certainly lives up to that expectation.

Choosing estate jewelry also promotes sustainability, as these pieces are recycled and re-loved, further enhancing their appeal to the modern, conscious consumer. With this pendant from Accurate Jewelry, you’re not only purchasing a piece of jewelry, you’re also investing in a piece of history and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Accurate Jewelry Warranty – Peace of Mind with Every Purchase

At Accurate Jewelry, we believe in providing not just quality products, but a quality shopping experience. To emphasize this commitment, we offer a 30-day exchange warranty on this crucifix pendant. This means if any issues arise with your pendant within 30 days of purchase, it can be exchanged for store credit. This store credit can then be used to select another fine piece from our extensive online collection.

We understand the emotional investment that comes with owning a piece of jewelry as beautiful as this crucifix pendant. Therefore, our warranty provides you with the peace of mind that you’re covered should anything happen to your beloved piece.

Please note, the item must be returned to Accurate Jewelry within 30 days of the original purchase date for the warranty to apply. While we don’t offer returns, our exchange policy ensures you can always find something that perfectly complements your style and preferences.

Final Reflections on Your Golden Investment

In the world of fine jewelry, the allure of a 14 Karat Yellow and White Gold Crucifix Pendant is truly unparalleled. It combines the serenity of faith, the elegance of gold, and the unique charm of estate jewelry into a single, outstanding piece.

Accurate Jewelry is proud to offer you this stunning symbol of heritage and devotion. Whether for you or a loved one, this pendant promises to be an enduring treasure in any jewelry collection. It is more than just a purchase – it is an investment in style, heritage, and timeless elegance.


1. Can this pendant be engraved?

No, we don’t offer engraving services for our products.

2. Do you offer cleaning services for the pendant?

No, we don’t offer cleaning services for our items. However, we recommend regular home cleaning to maintain its shine.

3. What is your return or exchange policy?

We offer a 30-day exchange warranty on this item. If the item breaks, you can receive store credit, which can only be spent on our online store. The broken item must be returned to Accurate Jewelry within 30 days of the original purchase date.

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