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14 Karat White Gold South Sea Pearl Diamond Necklace


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Chain Length

Approx. 16"

Pendant Length

Approx. 0.85"

Pendant Width

Approx. 0.54"




14 Karat

Metal Type



Diamond, Pearl

Stone Shape


Stone Color

Clear, Yellow Green

Product Type


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Lustrous Elegance: 14 Karat White Gold South Sea Pearl Diamond Necklace

  • Exquisite 14 Karat White Gold Composition
  • Genuine South Sea Pearl with Radiant Diamonds
  • Statement Piece with Timeless Elegance
  • Curated Selection from Accurate Jewelry’s Estate Collection
  • Trusted 30-Day Warranty Exchange

Step into a realm of timeless beauty with the 14 Karat White Gold South Sea Pearl Diamond Necklace – a piece where elegance is redefined. The luminescence of the South Sea pearl, coupled with the glitter of diamonds, creates a symphony of lustrous allure that graces the neck with sophistication and grandeur. It’s a celebration of classic grace for the modern connoisseur.

This necklace, originating from Accurate Jewelry’s prestigious estate collection, evokes a sense of historical charm infused with contemporary allure. The luster of the pearl, complemented by the sparkle of diamonds and the cool sheen of white gold, presents an offering of unmatched luxury and style.

Radiance from the Deep: The South Sea Pearl

South Sea pearls are the crowning jewels of the ocean, and the centerpiece of this necklace is no exception. Cultivated in the tranquil waters of the South Seas, this pearl embodies the allure of the mysterious deep. Its size is commanding, its sheen is luminous, and its presence is majestic – a rare gem that carries the whispers of the ocean’s serenity.

The perfection of a South Sea pearl is not by chance; it’s a result of nature’s artistry and meticulous human care. Exhibiting a soft, almost ethereal glow, this pearl’s satiny finish makes it a focal point of desire – a treasure coveted by those who understand its worth and revere its beauty.

This pearl is not merely a gem; it’s a statement of luxury, an echo of elegance that resonates with the soul. It stands out as a timeless emblem of sophistication within the Accurate Jewelry collection, encapsulating the enchantment that only a South Sea pearl can bring.

Gleaming Path of Diamonds

Complementing the pearl’s opulence, a trail of diamonds is precisely set within the white gold necklace. These stones are selected for their clarity and brilliance, each acting as a beacon that guides the eye towards the pearl’s soft luminescence. The diamonds are more than ornamentation; they are stars that light the way to the moonlike pearl, creating a celestial harmony.

The delicate art of setting these diamonds requires a jeweler’s precision and an artist’s vision, qualities that Accurate Jewelry embodies with every creation. The diamonds on this necklace celebrate life’s sparkling moments, weaving them into a tapestry of memories that glisten with joy and love.

Each diamond’s glow is a promise of enduring radiance, a spark that ignites the fire of romance and the flame of passion. This necklace tells a story of opulence and magnificence, a narrative enriched by every diamond’s dance with light.

The Cool Allure of 14 Karat White Gold

14 Karat White Gold provides a serene and sophisticated canvas for the South Sea pearl and diamonds to express their full beauty. Known for its modern elegance, white gold offers a contemporary twist to this classic necklace. The metal’s resilience and graceful hue make it the ideal medium for a piece that’s designed to be both a testament to love and a beacon of high fashion.

The crafting of the white gold in this necklace is realised with a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each link of the chain contributes to the overall spectacle. The white gold’s understated elegance makes it a perfect companion to the brilliance of the pearl and diamonds, offering a harmonious contrast that delights and enchants.

14 Karat White Gold is not just a material; it’s a reflection of modern luxury, a choice that signifies a love for the refined and the desire for jewelry that stands out with subtle sophistication. Accurate Jewelry presents this white gold necklace as a hallmark of quality and a celebration of beauty in its purest form.

Legacy of Elegance: Accurate Jewelry’s Estate Collection

As an esteemed piece of Accurate Jewelry’s estate collection, this necklace carries the legacy of elegance forward. Selected for its timeless appeal and unparalleled craftsmanship, this piece offers a connection to the past while perfectly fitting the present’s luxurious aesthetic.

This South Sea pearl diamond necklace is not merely an addition to your jewelry collection; it’s a piece of history, a token of a bygone era’s splendor that continues to shine brightly today. It offers an opportunity to own something truly notable, a piece that stands as a testament to the enduring allure of fine jewelry.

It is with pride that Accurate Jewelry curates such pieces, offering you the chance to carry on the tradition of sophistication and grace that this white gold necklace represents—an opportunity to weave your story into its rich tapestry.

Accurate Jewelry: A Promise of Perfection

When you select the 14 Karat White Gold South Sea Pearl Diamond Necklace, you not only choose an exquisite piece of jewelry but also the assurance and commitment of Accurate Jewelry. This comes with our unwavering 30-day warranty exchange, a testament to our confidence in our curated collection and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Should you need to exchange this necklace, rest assured that Accurate Jewelry will provide you with store credit that can be used towards any item that matches your taste and desires from our online store. This policy is a cornerstone of our service, a reflection of our dedication to excellence and to your experience with us.

We are more than just a store; we are your gateway to a world of luxurious jewelry, each piece carefully chosen and assured to bring satisfaction and joy. This necklace is a symbol of our promise to you—a promise of perfection in every facet and pearl.

Final Reflections: The South Sea Pearl and Diamond Necklace

The 14 Karat White Gold South Sea Pearl Diamond Necklace is a piece that transcends the ordinary, elevating those who wear it to realms of regal elegance and splendor. It is a reflection of the romantic, the beautiful, and the eternal—a jewel in the crown that is Accurate Jewelry’s collection. Embrace the luxury of fine jewelry, and let this necklace be a testament to your impeccable taste and sophisticated style.


How should I care for my South Sea Pearl Diamond Necklace?
Keep your necklace in pristine condition by gently wiping the pearl and gold with a soft cloth and storing it in a protective case. Regular professional cleanings are recommended to maintain its luster.
What does the 30-day warranty exchange include?
Accurate Jewelry offers a 30-day warranty exchange, ensuring that if your necklace encounters any issues within this timeframe, you can return it for store credit and select another piece from our online collection.
Can I return the necklace if I’m not satisfied?
While we do not offer returns, our 30-day exchange policy allows you to select an alternate piece from our extensive selection, ensuring you are delighted with your purchase from Accurate Jewelry.

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