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14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring Size 4.5


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Unearth the Radiance of a 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring

  • Exquisitely crafted 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring size 4.5
  • An embodiment of classic elegance and modern sophistication
  • Sublime opal centerpiece that absolutely mesmerizes
  • Asserts a delicate balance between luxury and affordability
  • Preowned estate jewelry from Accurate Jewelry with a 30-day exchange warranty

Imagine a piece of jewelry that is not only a tangible representation of refined elegance, but also a testament to timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship. This 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring size 4.5 from Accurate Jewelry is just that. It’s a uniquely captivating piece that offers an indulgent blend of classic shine and contemporary charm. The stunning opal, framed by radiant 14 karat yellow gold, creates the perfect statement piece.

Each ring, although preowned, tells a unique story that adds to its inherent value and charm. The rings are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet the high standards of quality and elegance set by Accurate Jewelry. This 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring is not merely a piece of jewelry, it’s a timeless keepsake, a treasure trove of memories, and a symbol of ultimate sophistication.

Embrace the Elegance of Opal

Opal, well-known for its pleasing interplay of ethereal colors, is perfect for those seeking a gemstone which extends beyond ordinary. The enchanting colors of the opal in this ring are underscored by the richness of the 14 karat yellow gold band. The overall effect is absolutely mesmerizing. Embellish your hand with this exquisite 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring and watch as it instantly elevates your style and allure.

Opal is indeed a gem of brilliance and mystery, reminiscent of galaxies, supernovas, and nebulous cosmic clouds. It’s the gem of poets, a gem whose allure has captured the imagination of painters and writers for centuries. With this ring on your finger, you’re not simply wearing a piece of jewelry, you’re adorning a piece of art that speaks volumes about your refined taste.

Furthermore, each opal is unique, with its own distinct pattern of colors. This means that your 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring is truly one-of-a-kind, much like you. Let this opal ring be an extension of your uniqueness, a means to fully express your individuality.

14 Karat Yellow Gold – the Epitome of Luxury

The 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring is a perfect blend of luxury and simplicity. The 14 karat yellow gold band provides a rich contrast to the opal, further amplifying its glow. Gold has been synonymous with luxury and affluence since ancient times, and this ring stands as a testament to this legacy.

Gold is not just a material, it’s a statement. A statement of your worth, your taste, and your desire for quality. By choosing a ring made of 14 karat yellow gold, you’re choosing a piece of jewelry that not only looks good, but also feels good. The richness of yellow gold adds a classic touch, while the opal gives it a modern twist.

Accurate Jewelry understands the significance of gold in the realm of fine jewelry. The 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring is the result of this understanding – a piece that perfectly encapsulates the timeless allure, durability, and value of gold.

A Size 4.5 Ring – a Subtle Statement of Elegance

Size matters when it comes to perfecting the fit of your ring. A size 4.5 ring from Accurate Jewelry truly fits like a dream. It is impeccably designed to offer comfort while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your hand. An opal ring in this size speaks subtly, yet effectively of your refined taste.

Beyond the aesthetics, the perfect fit enhances the ring’s durability, ensuring it does not easily slip off. This size 4.5 ring also allows for seamless pairing with other pieces of jewelry, giving you the opportunity to create a cohesive and eye-catching ensemble.

Hold this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring of size 4.5 in your hand, slip it onto your finger, and feel the difference a perfectly sized ring can make. It’s not just a ring, it’s an experience that you can wear.

The Accurate Jewelry Quality Promise

Accurate Jewelry, as a leading source of fine preowned estate jewelry, embodies trust and quality. Each piece from our collection aspires to be a testament of our commitment to excellence. This 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring is no exception. It exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail that has become synonymous with the Accurate Jewelry brand.

We abide by a strict quality control process, ensuring all our jewelry, including preowned pieces, meets our high standards. We provide a 30-day exchange warranty, which further reflects our confidence in the quality of our pieces. In the unlikely event that your piece does not meet your expectations, our exchange policy ensures that your satisfaction remains our top priority.

We believe that fine jewelry is an investment, a statement, and a legacy. At Accurate Jewelry, we’re not just selling jewelry, we’re offering an opportunity to own a piece of timeless treasure. And this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring could be your next cherished possession.

Delving into the Enchanting Allure: A Final Word

From its stunning opal centerpiece to the radiant glow of 14 karat yellow gold, this ring is an embodiment of sophistication, elegance, and timeless design. It encapsulates the quality and craftsmanship that sets Accurate Jewelry apart from the rest. This is an opportunity to not only own a piece of fine jewelry but an experience that transcends the ordinary.

The feeling of gold against your skin, the mesmerizing dance of colors within the opal, the perfect fit of a size 4.5; these are experiences that words can barely capture. They need to be felt, savored, and ultimately, owned. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a piece of jewelry that is as exquisite and unique as you are?


  1. What warranty comes with this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Opal Ring?This ring comes with a 30-day exchange warranty. The item must be returned to Accurate Jewelry within 30 days of purchase for the warranty to apply.
  2. Is this ring new?No, this is a preowned piece. However, it has been carefully inspected to ensure it meets the high standards of quality set by Accurate Jewelry.
  3. Can this ring be resized or engraved?Accurate Jewelry does not offer resizing or engraving services.

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