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14 Karat Yellow Gold Rubies & Diamonds Ring Size 8


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14 Karat

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Diamond, Ruby

Stone Shape

Baguette, Marquise

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Stone Color

Red, White

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Embrace the Glamour of a 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring with Rubies and Diamonds

  • Dazzling 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring
  • Adorned with a blend of Precious Rubies and Diamonds
  • Perfect accessory for any elegant occasion
  • Size 8 for the perfect fit
  • 30-day warranty exchange from Accurate Jewelry

In the world of fine jewelry, few pieces can express sophistication and grace quite like the 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring with Rubies and Diamonds. This estate jewelry, curated by the experts at Accurate Jewelry, is a testament to timeless beauty and elegance. It is intricately designed, featuring a blend of rubies and diamonds, set in lustrous 14 karat yellow gold, creating a breathtaking aesthetic that captivates and charms.

Whether you’re adorning this piece for a black-tie event or presenting it as a memorable gift for a cherished one, the allure of this ring is undeniable. A true symbol of luxury, this ring evokes a sense of grandeur and exquisite taste. With a promise of quality from Accurate Jewelry, this ring captures the essence of timeless elegance and the enchantment of precious gemstones.

Tryst with Timeless Elegance

AccurateJewelry.com brings to you a stunning piece of fine jewelry that truly exemplifies allure and timeless elegance. Indulging in this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring with rubies and diamonds is like embarking on a voyage through time. The yellow gold setting amplifies the rich tones of the rubies and the brilliant gleam of the diamonds, creating a harmonious blend of luxury and grace. The size 8 ring is designed to comfortably adorn your finger, allowing you to make a statement wherever you go.

More than just an accessory, this ring is a true representation of sophistication. Its meticulously crafted design, the beauty of the precious stones, and the elegance of gold, all contribute to its timeless appeal. A piece like this is not just about its physical attributes, but the emotions it invokes. This ring is a testament to the love for exquisite craftsmanship, the predilection for romance and the inclination towards a timeless sense of style.

At Accurate Jewelry, we take pride in bringing you estate jewelry that reverberates with history and charm. Our collection is carefully curated, ensuring that each piece, like this gold ring, is a reflection of the artistry and skill that goes into creating fine jewelry. Buying from us means investing in a piece that not only adds to your personal collection but also enhances the love for art and beauty.

The Magic of Rubies and Diamonds

While the 14 Karat Yellow Gold works as the perfect canvas, the real magic of this ring lies in the judicious blend of rubies and diamonds. The rubies, with their rich red hues, symbolize love and passion. Their brilliance is enhanced by the glittering diamonds that bring with them a touch of eternity. Together, they create a symphony of colors and lights, exuding an irresistible allure that is hard to resist.

Both rubies and diamonds are known for their durability and hardness, making them a perfect choice for jewelry that is designed to last. They not only add to the visual appeal of the ring but also contribute to its longevity. When you purchase this ring, you’re not just buying a piece of jewelry, but a beautiful blend of nature’s most admired treasures.

At Accurate Jewelry, we understand that every gemstone brings with it a story, a charm that is unique. And when combined with yellow gold, they create a piece of jewelry that is not just beautiful to look at, but also rich in its appeal. This ring, with its rubies and diamonds, is sure to add a dash of color and sparkle to any ensemble, making you the center of attention wherever you go.

Accurate Jewelry’s Promise of Quality

At Accurate Jewelry, we believe in delivering nothing but the best. Every piece we offer, including this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring, is a testament to our promise of quality and durability. We understand that when you invest in a piece of jewelry, you’re looking for something that lasts, something that can be passed down generations. Hence, our pieces are crafted with utmost care to ensure they stand the test of time.

We take pride in curating pieces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also hold good value. This gold ring, with its rubies and diamonds, is a perfect example of that. Not only does it have a timeless design, but the quality of the gemstones used also reinforces its worth. When you purchase from Accurate Jewelry, you can be confident that you’re investing in a piece that is worth every penny.

Moreover, we offer a 30-day warranty exchange on our products, ensuring that you have a safety net in case of any unforeseen circumstances. This means you can shop with complete peace of mind, knowing well that your investment is protected.

A Symbol of Eternal Beauty

There’s something enduringly beautiful about a piece of jewelry that combines the warmth of gold, the passion of rubies, and the forever sparkle of diamonds. This 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring is a symbol of that eternal beauty. Its timeless design, the high-quality gemstones, and the intricate craftsmanship, all contribute to its enduring appeal.

Whether you choose to wear it at a special event or keep it safely tucked away for special moments, this ring is sure to invoke a sense of delight and pleasure. It beautifully captures the essence of what fine jewelry stands for – beauty, grace, and elegance. This ring is not just a piece of jewelry, it’s a part of a story, a story that is timeless and beautiful.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a piece that not only enhances your personal style but also resonates with your love for timeless beauty, this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring is a perfect choice. With Accurate Jewelry, you’re not just buying a piece of jewelry, you’re investing in a piece of art that is designed to be cherished forever.

A Gem of an Investment

The enchanting allure of this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring makes it more than just another piece of jewelry in your collection. The combination of dazzling rubies and diamonds on a canvas of yellow gold makes it a gem of an investment, a treasure that will stand the test of time, both in terms of style and value.

Choosing to invest in this ring means owning a piece of jewelry that is as elegant as it is timeless. The ring is a perfect blend of sophistication and style, designed to steal the spotlight at any event. It is a symbol of your love for things of beauty and your appreciation for exquisite craftsmanship.

Accurate Jewelry brings you the opportunity to make this gem of an investment. With our promise of quality and a warranty exchange policy, you can be assured of a great buying experience. So, why wait? Step into the world of fine jewelry and own a piece of timeless beauty.


  1. What is the warranty policy on this 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring?Accurate Jewelry offers a 30-day warranty exchange on this item. If the item breaks within 30 days from the date of purchase, you can receive store credit which can only be spent on our online store after returning the broken item to us.
  2. Can the ring be resized?Since this is a preowned estate jewelry, we recommend taking it to a trusted local jeweler for any potential resizing to maintain its structural integrity.
  3. Does Accurate Jewelry offer cleaning services for this ring?Accurate Jewelry does not offer cleaning services for any of our products. We recommend proper jewelry care and cleaning to maintain its brilliance.

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